Welcome to Winners Chapel Intl., Georgia

With a grateful heart, I especially welcome you to 2017

It’s my great privilege and with joy unspeakable that I welcome you to 2017
A year in which no shame is permitted in any area of your life. Isaiah 61-7, Joel 2-25/27. Remember, it takes personal responsibility for you to enjoy maximum delivery of glory.1 Timothy 1-18.
Therefore as you engage heartily and actively in the prophetic agenda for the year you shall not miss your heritage of glory. Proverbs 3-35.
No matter the challenges, hindrances and distraction, you will end this year with glory packages. This is because whatever God's mouth declare, His hand has unlimited capacity to deliver it. 1 kings 8-15
As the lord liveth, this prophetic word shall come to pass by the strange works and the strange acts of God in our midst. Isaiah 28-20-21
Remember that, from glory to glory that’s where we are going. 1 Corinthians 3/18.
Jesus is Lord.

Pastor Yomi Osinaike